Monday, May 4, 2009


Having I N S O M N I A!
Cant sleep oh my. Cant stop thinking about lotsa stuff.

I need a little breather..


Ok, its my 1st time blogging. Why the F rayson created a blog? Coz hes got nth to do at home now. Lots of things happened dis few days. Super stress and shag! Money, relationship and studies. cant cope wif all of them at de same time. or can I? And got a fucking busy schedule dis week coz i needa settle some monetary issues. hmmmms. Think my hair's turning white soon. Maybe its good dis way, coz i need not spend de money to bleach my hair ^^. Ok i noe its lame and none of you can even manage to laugh at dis even if you tickle urself(Though theres no one whos reading), but at least let me make myself smile a little by being a little lame. Kinda retarded eh? haas.

I love you more den life baby.

I hope tat you could try and understand de kind of situation i am in now..

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